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Jewelry Care

Whether you purchased your handmade jewelry from us or have a family heirloom, you want it to look great and last for generations. Here are some ways to help you keep your handmade jewelry looking its best.

Jewelry Care Basics

Brass, Bronze, & Copper

These metals will naturally patina over time. If you prefer to keep the metal with its original shiny surface it is best to store the piece in a dry airtight container when not being worn. You can also use a sunshine polishing cloth to polish the pieces back to their original shiny state. These metals are coated in a protective layer of wax to protect from tarnish, sensitivity, and discoloring of the skin. Please note that the coating will eventually wear away with continued wear.


Some of our handmade pieces are oxidized to darken the metal. Wear the piece as normal, if you prefer less oxidization you can remove this by using a polishing cloth. Be aware if you use a polishing cloth or a cleanser it will remove the dark oxidation and return it to its natural color. Oxidation will wear away naturally and become lighter over time with continued wear.

Sterling Silver

When worn frequently silver jewelry usually remains in its bright untarnished state. If left unworn and exposed to the climate it can tarnish. You can use a sunshine polishing cloth to remove tarnish and return the piece to its shiny state.


14k gold fill is made up of a solid 14k gold outer layer that is then filled with other metal alloys. Unlike gold plated items gold fill will not flake off. You can treat these items as you would a piece of gold jewelry. Polish by hand with a clean soft cloth.


We suggest cleaning your jewelry every few weeks to keep them looking sparkly, but avoid continual repolishing as this can wear the metal away more quickly. Polish gold jewelry with a sunshine polishing cloth every few months. 

General Care

Jewelry should be kept in a dry airtight container when not being worn. Humid environments (including restrooms) can speed up the tarnishing process. It is best to take pieces off while showering or swimming so they don’t tarnish. Put your jewelry pieces on after applying lotions and sprays.

To clean our silver and gold jewelry, fill a bowl with warm, not boiling, water, and add a few drops of dish soap.

Set your jewelry into the water and leave for 10-15 minutes to soak.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush or paintbrush to loosen any stubborn dirt between settings or details. A soft, toddler's toothbrush works great.

Rinse and then dry the jewelry by gently patting it with a clean cotton towel.

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